Online Data

These easy-to-use, powerful online databases allow you to generate custom reports for a geographic area (Profiles) or to compare areas on a topic (Ranking, Maps, and Line Graphs). The indicator database is designed to help users find survey questions, measures, and instruments that might contribute to their own data collection activities.

  • KidsCountDataCenterKIDS COUNT Data Center
    Access hundreds of measures on the well-being of Florida's children. This online system provides access to hundreds of measures of child well-being including national and local data sets. Utilize data within the bounds of a single state or territory, including community-level data; search by location or topic; create profiles, maps, rankings, line graphs, or raw data. Data sets are continually updated and added as they become available.

Florida KIDS COUNT Data Services

Florida KIDS COUNT is here to provide you with consistent and reliable data for you to adapt to a variety of uses including policy analysis, grant and proposal writing, needs assessments and public education. In addition to the online data above, we are available to provide expertise and technical assistance with comprehensive data at the national, state and local levels and include county specific information. Staff have expertise to develop and focus your endeavor in a variety of ways:

  • Customized data presentations
  • Geographic  profiles
  • County/Regional report cards
  • Groundwork for grant writing
  • Course materials for the class
  • Conference materials
  • Referrals to state, local, and National expert subject matter
  • Comprehensive snapshots with in-depth consultation
  • Program planning support data
  • Statewide and National data base and survey proficiency

Please use the Contact Us page so we can assist you in using data to bring about meaningful change to improve the lives of Florida's children and their families.

To learn more about what data is available on Poverty, please contact us.